New Unfranchise Owner Trainings (NUOT)
This class is for new Unfranchise Owners to learn the basics of building their successful unfranchise business.

Basic-5 Training (B5)
A 3-5 hour class that teaches you the Basic 5 components of building your successful unfranchise business. The 5 basic steps being:

1)  Attitude & Knowledge
2)  Goals
3)  Retailing
4)  Prospecting, Recruiting & Sponsoring
5)  Follow-up & ABCs

Executive Certified Coordinator training
A 6-8 hour class that informs the unfranchise owner the policies and procedures of the company. This class is followed by a multiple choice test. Prerequisites for this class are the NUOT and B5.

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Ronnie Robinson- Salisbury, MD
phone: 410-430-1292
email: ronnie109k@gmail.com

Andy Webb - Easton, MD
phone: 410-829-2929
email: Andrewpwebb@verizon.net

Big Al Yentsch – Salisbury, MD
phone: 410-251-4380
email: bigal2100@comcast.net